“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support and guidance through this life changing event , you most certainly go above and beyond when it comes to providing rehabilitation and most of all always giving a calming word when stress and anxiety was at its highest point. Anyone going through a work place injury would be blessed to have Resolve and you managing their file”

“Thank you for everything, it has made a challenging time for our family so much better”

“Thank you for your hard work. Having your support really was a turning point for me. You are very good at your job and I can’t thank you enough!”

“I’d like to thank you for all your support over the past few months. There’s been a lot going on and I really appreciate that you went above and beyond to keep us on track”

“Thanks for all of your assistance with the RTW program. It has been an interesting journey and required a fair amount of patience, persistence and a positive attitude – all qualities you seem to have in abundance. It has been a pleasure working with you and hopefully our paths cross again in the future.”