WHS Services

Resolve Workplace Health & Injury Management provide a range of WHS/OHS services to assist employers in meeting and maintaining obligations under the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Job Dictionary/Job Demand Assessments

Job dictionaries are a useful tool for identifying suitable duties that can be performed while an employee is returning to work from an injury. Each job dictionary includes a full job/task breakdown, guidance on the physical demands required for each task, injury risks & how each task can be performed safely.

Job dictionaries are an essential communication aid for people involved in planning & facilitating a workers recovery and return to work. 

​Risk Assessments and Workplace Inspections

A workplace safety inspection is a regularly scheduled inspection of the workplace using a checklist to assist with the identification and monitoring of hazards. It is the best way of identifying hazards before they can cause an injury and implementing action to eliminate or control the hazards.

Resolve can conduct these inspections using a checklist which is modified to suit your company's needs. Inspections should be carried out at least annually, with the exception of high risk areas which should be inspected at least every six months. Extremely low risk areas such as single occupancy offices should be inspected at least every three years or when occupancy changes.

Individual risk assessments for certain types of task/jobs can also be completed to suit.


Manual Tasks Coaching

Manual Tasks coaching will teach you how to properly identify, plan and perform manual handling tasks to help make sure your workplace remains safe and injury-free.


Topics covered:

  • Hazard identification  in the workplace

  • Risk assessment of identified hazards

  • Development and implementation of appropriate control measures 

  • Legislative responsibilities and requirements

  • Manual handling techniques 

  • Practical application in your workplace

Ergonomic Assessments

Office, vehicle and/or machinery/equipment. 

Ergonomic Assessments are important in the prevention of workplace injuries, or for workers experiencing an injury.  Resolve will:

  • Assess the individual’s workstation in relation to problems reported and work demands

  • Provide education on ergonomic principles and correct workstation adjustments

  • Review equipment requirements and workstation modifications

  • Demonstrate and promote preventative exercise and stretch regimes

  • Provide a report on the findings of the assessment, and recommendations.


Group Ergonomic Assessments and Training Programs can also be provided.


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